Highlights of 2009:

*The WOCAF Festival debut its Visual Arts Exhibition, curated by Sharon Robinson supported by the Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History

*The WOCAF Festival received a proclamation from the city of Atlanta acknowledging our 5th year anniversary

*Hon. Consul General of Nigeria in Atlanta: Mr. C. N. Okafor gave a phenomenal speech about the WOCAF's efforts promoting the Nigerian film industry.


Film Screenings and Visual Arts Exhibition March 19 - 22 2009
The Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture & History
4th Floor
101 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30303
Festival Hotline: 404.671.8330

2009 Visual Artist Exhibition March 19 - March 22
Featuring the art work of Atlanta based Women of Color Artists:
Jessica Scott Felder: Graduate Student Georgia State University
Xiaotian Wang: Graduate Student Georgia State University
Shemeah Richardson: Independednt Artist
Lauren Jefferson: Undergraduate Student Georgia State University

Thursday, March 19th  2009
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Lecture/discussion about  "Saartjie "Sara" Baartman"  a Khoikhoi woman exploited as a sideshow attraction in 19th century Europe , under the name Hottentot Venus. Film screening of "The Life and Times of Sara Baartman.
Book signing with the authors of "Sara Baartman and the Hottentot Venus: A Ghost Story and a biography", Professors Pamela Scully and Clifton Crais of Emory University.

Friday, March 20th  2009
6:00pm - 7:00pm - Meet & Greet Reception
Donation's welcome
Hosted by Iyalode Productions
& The Auburn Avenue Research Library
Screenings 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Opening Night  Feature "Ramchand Pakistani" @ 8:40pm

Saturday, March 21st  2009
Screenings 12:00noon - 8:00pm
Center Piece Feature "My Girlfriends Back"  7:10pm

Sunday , March 22nd  2009
Screenings 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Closing Night Feature "Arugbá" @ 3:05pm

Thursday March 19th  2009
Screening times: 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Thursday March 19
Title: The Life & times of Sara Baartman
Genre: Documentary
Country & Year: South Africa/USA, 1998
Length: 53 minutes
Director: Zola Maseko


When 20 year old Sara Baartman got on a boat that was to take her from Cape Town to London in 1810, she could not have known that she would would never see her home again. Nor, as she stood on the deck and saw her homeland disappear behind her could she have known that she would become the icon of racial inferiority and black female sexuality for the next 100 years. THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SARA BAARTMAN is the fascinating story of this Khoi Khoi woman who was taken from South Africa, and then exhibited as a freak across Britain. The image and idea of "The Hottentot Venus" swept through British popular culture. A court battle waged by abolitionists to free her from her exhibitors failed.

Friday March 20th  2009
Screening times: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Friday March 20th
I’m Not Britney
Genre: Experimental
Country & Year: USA, 2008
Length: 3 minutes
Director:  Philip Christon

A masterful blending of Art and Activism, music video style and spoken word performance.

Friday March 20th
Title:   Say My Name
Genre: Docuemtary
Country & Year: UK/USA, 2009
Length: 75 minutes
Director: Nirit Peled


In a hip hop and R’n’B world dominated by men and noted for misogyny, the unstoppable female lyricists of Say My Name speak candidly about class, race, and gender in pursuing their passions as female MCs.This worldwide documentary takes viewers on a vibrant tour of urban culture and musical movement, from hip hop’s birthplace in the Bronx, to grime on London’s Eastside and all points Philly, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, and L.A. Featuring interviews and musical performances from a diverse cast of women including Remy Ma, Rah Digga, Jean Grea, Erykah Badu, Estelle and newcomers Choc Thai, Invincible and Miz Korona, this powerful documentary delves into the amazing personal stories of women balancing professional dreams with the stark realities of poor urban communities, race, sexism, and motherhood, as the more than 18 artist featured in Say My Name battle for a place in a society that creates few chances for women. From emerging artists filled with new creativity, to true pioneers like MC Lyte, Roxxanne Shante, and Monie Love, these are women turning adversity into art.
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Friday March 20th  2009
Screening times: 8:40pm

Opening Night Feature
Friday March 20th
Title: Ramchand Pakistani
Country & Year:
Pakistan/ India, 2008
Length: 103 minutes
Director: Mehreen Jabbar
Writer/Producer: Javed Jabbar
Cinematography: Sofian Khan


‘Ramchand Pakistani’ is derived from a true story concerning the accidental crossing of the Pakistan-Indian border during a period (June 2002) of extreme, war-like tension between the two countries by two members of a Pakistani Hindu family belonging to the 'untouchable' (Dalit) caste, and the extraordinary consequences of this unintended action upon the lives of a woman, a man, and their son.The singular theme of the film is how a child from Pakistan aged eight years

learns to cope with the trauma of forced separation from his mother while being held prisoner, along with his father in the jail of a country i.e. India, which is hostile to his own, while on the other side of the border, the wife-mother, devastated by their sudden disappearance builds a new chapter of her life, by her solitary struggle for sheer survival.

Winner of the FIPRESCI Award from the International Federation of Film Critics, July 2008.
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Saturday  March 21st 2009
12 noon - 8:00pm

Saturday March 21st
Title: Beauty Lies
Genre: Documentary
Country & Year: Canada, 2008
Length: 18 minutes
Director: Karen Chapman


Filmmaker Karen Chapman explores her feelings about her natural hair as a young black woman in a media-driven world, revealing layers of insecurities.

Saturday March 21st
Title: Zora Neale Hurston: Jump at the Sun
Genre: Documentary
Country & Year: USA, 2008
Length: 84 minutes
Director: Sam Pollard
Writer/Producer: Kristy Andersen


Zora Neale Hurston, path-breaking novelist, pioneering anthropologist and one of the first black women to enter the American literary canon (Their Eyes Were Watching God), established the African American vernacular as one of the most vital, inventive voices in American literature. This definitive film biography, eighteen years in the making, portrays Zora in all her complexity: gifted, flamboyant, and controversial but always fiercely original.


Saturday, March 21st
2:00 p.m. - 2:55 p.m.
Youth Corner: Where young minds can enjoy the festival experience.Suitable for ages 10 upwards

Saturday March 21st 
Title: Drawing Angel
Country & Year: USA, 2007
Length: 19 minutes
Director: Rosalyn Coleman Williams
Writer/Producer: Craig T.Willimas


New to the New York city, Samantha meets Levi, a 9 year old boy displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Starring Vanessa Williams
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Saturday March 21st
Title: Me,Masi And Mr Clean
Genre: Drama
Country & Year: 2007, Canada
Length: 8 minutes
Director: Nina Sudra


Me, Masi & Mr. Clean is a short, bittersweet comedy about a young South Asian girl and her struggle to accept the color of her skin.

Saturday March 21st
Title: Stella and the Storks
Drama Country & Year: Germany, 2007
Length:21 minutes
Director: Sheri Hagen

Five-year-old Stella wants to give her mum a new little brother but where can she get a baby? Together with her best friend Luna, she hatches a plan to surprise her mum.


Screenings: 3:05pm - 5:00pm  

Saturday March 21st 
Title: Mufaro's Other Daughter
Genre: Drama
Country & Year: US, 2009
Length: 5 Minutes 
Director: Kia M. Neal

Sixteen year old wall flower BJ is constantly told that beauty is only skin deep. Right now that's as far as she wants to go.

Saturday March 21st 
Genre: Drama
Country & Year:US,2008
Director: Mel Donalson


An African American woman journalist reluctantly takes on the assignment to interview a retired black actor who made his fame by portraying racial stereotypes.

Saturday March 21st  

Title: The End of winter  
Country & Year:US, 2008
Length:26 minutes
Director: Nefertite Nguvu


The end of Winter recounts the emotional journey of Billie, a young woman struggling to reconcile her grief after the untimely death of her father, When Bille, her sister Ella and boyfriend Jackson visit the apartment where their father once lived to retrieve his belongings, questions ae raised about how he lived his life.
Q & A with Director Nefertite Nguvu

Saturday March 21st
Title:Patsy Mink: Ahead of the Majority
Country & Year:US,2008
Length: 56 minutes
Director: Kimberlee Ke'ala Bassford


In 1965, Patsy Takemoto Mink became the first woman of color in the U.S. Congress. Seven years later, she ran fir the U.S. presidency and co-authored Title IX, the landmark legislation that opened up higher education and athletics to America's women. Patsy Mink: Ahead of the Majority is the story of this dynamic trailblazer who battling racism and sexism redefined American politics.
Winner of the Audience Award for best documentary @ Hawaii International Film Festival - 2008

Saturday March 21st
5:10pm - 7:00pm

Saturday March 21st
Title: Apartment A
Country & Year:US,2007
Length: 10 minutes
Director: Michelle S. Baxter
Writer/Producer: Nkechi Okoro


Three sisters await ward of their missing father during 9/11

Saturday March 21st
Title:Akiras Hip Hop Shop
Genre: drama/comedy
Country & Year:US,2008
Length: 22 minutes
Director: Joe Doughrity


Akiras Hip Hop Shop is a romantic comedy/drama about a rap music loving Japanese guy who owns a record store with his best friend. When Daphne, a young Black culinary student walks into his shop one day Akira's life is changed forever. As their relationship blooms. Akira and Daphne must endure the less enlightened attitudes of family and friends. Does love truly conquer all? Or will prejudice and politics drive the couple apart?
Winner Directors Guild of America Student Film Awards - Best Director 2007

Saturday March 21st
Title:Secret and Lies
Genre: Drama
Country & Year:Canada/Nigeria,2008
Length: 5 minutes
Director: Oghomwensemwen Ehigie


Rita reveals a surprise to her husband Dominic which shakes the very foundation of their seemingly happy marriage.

Saturday March 21st
Genre: Drama
Country & Year:USA,2008
Length: 9 minutes
Director: Atiya Wheelings


Hope has her faith tested during what should be the happiest time of her life -her first pregnancy - but discovers that she was infected with the HIV virus.
Q & A with Director Atiya Wheelings

Saturday March 21st
Title:We are Riders
Genre: Documentary
Country & Year:USA,2008
Length: 40 minutes
Directors: Tracey Hicks, Christopher Garris


We are riders takes you inside the world and lives of female motorcyclists'. Women from across the county are interviewed and they talk about their lives on and off the wheel. A new and refreshing view of how empowered women come together and bond and share under a single commonality.
Q & A with Filmmakers


Centerpiece Feature:
Saturday March 21st

Centerpiece Feature
Saturday March 21st

Title: My Girlfriends Back
Genre: Romatic comedy
Country & Year:USA, 2009
Length: 105 minutes
Director: Steven Ayromlooi
Tangi Miller 
Screenplay : Tangi Miller

Filmed in Miami and Los Angeles, this intelligent romantic comedy chronicles the social and economic rise of Derek Scott (Malik Yoba). Derek has spent his entire life plotting a course for his success. His diligence is about to pay off big when he happens upon an unexpected detour. This “road less traveled” intrigues Derek so much so that he considers throwing away his entire well orchestrated life to experience the one thing his plan has yet to provide…. Love. Starring Tangi Miller (Madeas Family reunion) Obba Babatunde, Brent Jennings, CCH Pounder.
Q & A with producer and actress Tangi Miller


Sunday  March 22nd  2009
12:00pm - 1:20pm

Sunday March 22nd
Title: Taking Root : The vision of Wangari Maathai
Genre: documentary
Country & Year:2008, Kenya/USA
Length: 80 minutes
Directors: Lisa Merton & Alan Dater
Editors:Mary Lampson, Tom Haneke,Jim Klein
Cinematographer: Alan Dater  


Planting trees for fuel, shade, and food is not something that anyone would imagine as the first step toward winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Yet with that simple act Wangari Maathai, a woman born in rural Kenya, started down the path that reclaimed her country's land from 100 years of deforestation, provided new sources of food and income to rural communities, gave previously impoverished and powerless women a vital political role in their country, and ultimately helped to bring down Kenya's twenty-four-year dictatorship.
Presented in collaboration with ITVS (Independent TV Service)
Q & A with ITVS's Daryl Graham
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Nollywood Nights : A Celebration of Nigerian Cinema Part I
1:30pm - 2:55pm

Sunday March 22nd
Title: Ekundayo: the video
Genre: Music Video
Country & Year:Nigeria, 2008
Length: 3 minutes
Director: Abbey Olayinka
Producer: Ty Bello


Featuring Ty Bello & Olufunmi

Sunday March 22nd
Title: Area Boys
Genre: drama
Country & Year:Nigeria, 2007
Length: 25 minutes
Director: Omelihu Nwanguma
Producer: Janette-Nicole Nzekwe


Having grown-up in a world where corruption and greed over-ride all else, the friends decide to cut their ties with their megalomaniacal boss (Dele) and form their own partnership with a view of leaving their corrupt world for good. But their plans fall apart before it's began when against their better judgement, they work a scam on Dele's turf, the scam back-fires, and he finds out about it. The friends are then faced with a life or death situation as they search for an escape route whilst hiding from the clutches of Dele's henchmen. And as the sun fades on this bustling metropolitan city, the friends are put to test about the real value of their friendship with the ultimate question: how far would you go to save the life of your friend...?
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Sunday March 22nd 
Title: Nollywood Lady
Genre: drama
Country & Year:2008, Nigeria/Germany
Length: 54 minutes
Director: Dorothee Wenner


Sharing her vision for transforming preconceptions about Africa and African images, "Nollywood Lady" Peace Anyiam-Fibresima, producer, filmmaker, and founder of the African Academy of Motion Pictures, takes viewers on an all-access tour to film locations, markets, and sit-downs with Nollywood professionals in the vibrant production hub of Lagos. This vibrant documentary is an insider's primer to Nollywood's dynamic $250 million industry, interspersed with clips from the more than 1,500 direct-to-video, mostly low budget, culturally distinct, and immensely popular films Nollywood produces each year.
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Nollywood Nights : A Celebration of Nigerian Cinema Part II
3:05pm - 5:00pm

Closing Night Feature
Sunday March 22nd 
Title: Arugbá
Country& Year: Nigeria, 2008
Length: 105 minutes
Director: Tunde Kelani

Original Music score :
Aduni & Nefertiti

Adetutu (Bukola Awoyemi) is on the threshold of responsibility. She must juggle her role as Arugba (the virgin who carries the sacrificial calabash during the Osun Osogbo festival in Osogbo, Nigeria) in the annual community festival with her studies at the university, she must care for an ailing and grieving friend, contend with a demanding king,), a blossoming musical career and her growing fondness for Makinwa (Segun Adefila) - himself a gifted performing artiste - which places a strain on her relationship with other members of her all female musical group. Set against the backdrop of a corrupt society seeking cleansing, rebirth and nationhood, Arugba must perform her annual traditional role of carrying the sacrifice in a procession to the river.
Q & A with Filmmaker Tunde Kelani and Actress Bukky Awoyemi
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